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Mohra - 4th July, 2007 (24 Pages)

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I am fascinated by the Indian movie industry, commonly referred to as "Bollywood." For the uninitiated, Bollywood movies (from what I can tell) are all musicals, and all include lots of dancing. At least all the ones I've seen have been, and reports indicate that this is how it's gonna be. Coming from someone that has gone on the record many times as being rather opposed to musicals, I can offer no explanation as to why I like them. Oh well!

Most of these films are rather long. Usually they fall between two and a half to four hours of running time. The DVDs are also quite inexpensive, averaging around $5 to $10. You definitely get your money's worth out of these things. Last but certainly not least, there are also many impossibly beautiful ladies in these movies. Seriously, I'm amazed. I'm hard pressed to name as many American actresses that can compare to those I've seen in Bollywood productions. So, please forgive a smitten fanboy as he raves a bit about Manisha, Urmila, Madhuri, and Kajol. We'll be seeing a lot of them as we go along.

These recaps are hopefully detailed enough to give you an idea of what is going on. I'm modeling the format after the great Ken Begg's style over at Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension. His site as well as many of the other B-Masters have been a major source of inspiration and entertainment. I can only hope that what I produce will be at least as good as theirs. (Special thanks to Albert Walker of Agony Booth for the character introduction layout.)

These write-ups are fully detailed descriptions of the movies, scene by scene. Naturally that means spoilers and lots of them. If you are interested in seeing these movies before you read the whole recap, there are links provided so that you may buy them.* These recaps are not intended to just be "It's good, go see it!" kinds of reviews. They are going to be lengthy, so please bear that in mind when you begin. Where possible, screen stills have been provided to help illustrate the scenes as well as to provide additional commentary.


*I am in no way affiliated with any of the merchants that provide these movies. I usually just link to the site that I got my copy from. I don't necessarily endorse any of the merchants, nor have they sponsored me in any fashion. I will happily say that I've yet to have a bad experience with any of them.