Not bad. Seriously, as Bollywood action movies go, this one was not bad at all. Yes, there were a few "oh yeah, right!" moments, but you'll have those in about any major action movie these days. But seriously, the stunts were by and large proficiently handled (except in the last big gun fight, that was about the only weak spot for stunt work that I recall), the fighting looked good and was shot well. No huge gaps between faces and fists, and the moves were carried out with the look of practiced professionals. Nicely done.

The story was also just a bit more complex than the typical action movie plot. All in all, it was a decent show and I was pleasantly surprised to find that to be the case.

Sunil Shetty (Vishal) did a good job here. His character actually had some depth, and wasn't just a mindless killing machine the whole time. Once he realized he was being manipulated, he actually stood up for what he thought was the right thing to do. Nicely handled. Also Mr. Shetty handles his fight scenes with skill. Nice work.

Akshay Kumar (Amar) was a little monotonous in his relentless pursuit of the law, but this isn't a huge problem. He also had some very well done fight scenes, which is no surprise given his background. It was also nice to see his character finally get some growth towards the end, as he realized that there were bigger fish to fry, and that sometimes priorities must change. Also good work.

Raveena Tandon (Roma) was not surprising. She was about the same as I've seen her in just about everything else she's done, which is not necessarily a bad thing per se. She's really into her dancing and can pout when she needs to. No complaints, other than it's usually a case of watching Raveena Tandon in a movie, and not the character she's playing, if that makes any sense.

Naseeruddin Shah (Jindal) was fine, for the most part. I wasn't expecting his big plot twist which was nice, but I have to admit I am far more likely to believe him as a greasy bureaucrat than an action guy. When we started seeing his flashbacks to his evil roots, I lost a little interest in him. He's better suited to play the cold, calculating villain than Mr. Kick Your Ass. Perhaps that's just me.

Everyone else did as they were expected. Gulshan Grover was another mob boss, and the thugs were appropriately thuggish. No major issues with anyone in that arena, so positive marks all around.




There were so many good faces going on in this movie, I decided to break with tradition a bit and use some different icons this time. I hope that doesn't put anyone off!

Mohra (1994)

Quality:     (Out of 5)
Entertainment Value:     (Out of 5)


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