Vishal and Amar finish up their individual battles and make for the street. Vishal is in the lead, and brandishes a knife as he approaches Jindal, Roma, and Jindal's getaway car driver. Jindal gives us the shifty eyes and pulls his driver in front of himself just as Vishal makes his strike. Distracted by hitting the wrong guy, Vishal is vulnerable as Jindal takes out another pistol (yes, another one. That he didn't use when he was fighting them earlier. Yep.) and shoots Vishal... in the shoulder! Vishal tells Roma to run away, but Jindal points the gun at her with Vishal in a headlock.

Amar finally shows up and points his gun at them, but Jindal threatens to shoot Vishal in the head if Amar doesn't drop his weapon. Amar does this, but swears on his father's name that he will one day shoot Jindal. Jindal thinks this is hilarious, and forces Amar to do some degrading things in front of everyone, such as slapping himself and rubbing his nose in the dirt. Just as he is ordering Amar to take off his pants (!), Vishal surprises everyone by grabbing Jindal's gun, points it at his own chest, and shoots himself!

Having taken himself out of the equation, Vishal shouts for Amar to shoot Jindal, which he promptly does. Jindal takes several hits in the chest, and falls to the ground with a surprised look on his face.

Amar rushes over to Vishal, and tries to keep him breathing by saying Vishal promised to allow Amar to take him in once this was all over, and to drop dead here would cheat him of that. Vishal says that he has cheated himself, by choosing the wrong path for his life. He tells Amar that he is proud of him as a police officer, and salutes him. Once he's performed this gesture, he breathes his last and collapses in Amar's lap.

Everyone gets their close-up and their "NOOOOO!" moment as the credits start to roll. The End!

Well not quite. As the credits roll over this rather tragic and down ending, they evidently decided it was too heavy. So, we have one more moment of comic relief. We see most of the primary cast standing around in the police HQ. Kulkarni tells Amar that the government has decided to give him an award for bravery for this case. Also, we learn that the wedding of Amar and Roma is to take place next month, so life seems to be going pretty well for our hero.

In marches Sahu, wearing dark glasses and carrying a cane. He asks for help for a blind man, but Amar tells him to quit fooling around. He just barely escaped suspension for his actions in this case, so he should behave himself. Sahu tells him that his actions are the fault of the police department not paying their officers enough. Otherwise he would have needed to look for his pay-by-the-second jobs! They all think this is hilarious and the credits end.

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