Sahu barges into the meeting room and offers advance congratulations for the upcoming (forced!) wedding. Understandably perturbed, Jindal demands to know how he got into the room to begin with. Sahu explains that he was brought here by Vishal and Amar, who are intent on finishing Jindal for good. Roma looks thrilled to hear this news, but everyone else is upset. Everyone in the room storms outside with their guns at the ready, looking around frantically for their attackers.

Too bad none of them thought to look up. Amar and Vishal are perched on some of the parapets of the temple, and they begin spraying bullets into the crowd below. Particularly Amar. He's flailing that gun around like a garden hose.

Most of the bad guys are taken out, but one observant one figures out what is going on and returns fire, driving both Amar and Vishal to leap from their vantage points to the ground below.

The battle continues unabated, with Vishal and Amar handing everyone their asses with lead ribbons. They also both dramatically remove their shades at the same time, and start jumping off of things and doing the splits for no real strategic reason. They're just having a good time, it would seem.

Several minutes of this pass by as dozens of nameless bad guys get perforated as our heroes fly around looking cool. Eventually they run out of people to shoot, so they wordlessly team up and begin sweeping through some catacombs looking for the Big Cheese, Jindal. Back and forth, they twist and twirl from one alcove to the next, finding them to all be 100% Jindal-free. With a trickle on the piano and an odd expression, Jindal finally makes an appearance in the scene, looking around for the two heroes while dressed as a homicidal Scout Leader.

After Vishal and Amar do that classic backing up and almost shooting each other gag, Jindal shows himself by shooting all three guns out of our heroes' hands (Vishal had two pistols). Jindal points the gun at them again, but slowly lowers it to the floor, discharging three shots into the dirt. He then drops the gun, and gives them the "come and get me!" finger wiggles. Now, we've seen these two guys take on dozens of enemies single handedly and come out without breaking a sweat. How Jindal thinks he's going to deal with them hand to hand is beyond me. Particularly when he had a freakin' loaded gun and they were unarmed, three yards away. Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

Anyway, what happens next is not exactly difficult to predict. Amar, Vishal, and Jindal all start swinging and kicking, kung-fuing each other into bloody messes. Meanwhile outside, Sahu and Jibran have started fighting for the hell of it. This continues for quite some time, with several little pauses for the guys to rethink their tactics. Once they deploy their signature moves (punches and elbows for Vishal, kicks and knees for Amar) they start to look like they're getting the upper hand.

Once Jindal seems to be down and out, one of the European gangsters shows up and starts beating up on Amar. Mullet-Man also shows up and the whole furball starts over again. We add everyone to the mix this time, with Roma joining in and attacking the guard that was posted over her. She kicks him in the groin a few times and disarms him (no not like that) while Sahu and Jibran continue their battle across the rooftops.

Things take a turn for the worst when Jindal regains his senses, and catches Roma on her way out and punching her in the head a few times. As this is happening, Sahu starts losing to Jibran. Luckily for Sahu, someone has dropped a pistol nearby and he shoots Jibran dead. Jindal looks around and finds he is near the driveway, where the dozens of cars are still parked. Grappling with Roma, he heads for one to make his getaway.

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