Vishal explains it all, and even clarifies matters for Amar by telling him that Jindal was the man that killed his father. That's all Amar needs to hear to get on board the "let's whup Jindal's ass" bandwagon. The men head out to take care of business. They show up at Jindal's house only to find the place deserted. That is all except for Siddiqui's corpse which is now inexplicably hanging by a noose outside of the window. I'd have thought a bullet in the brain would make someone pretty substantially dead, but it never hurts to go the extra mile I suppose. As the men look on at the grisly sight, the phone rings. Amar moves to answer it, but Kulkarni stops him and does it himself. On the other end of the line, we find Jindal.

Jindal is calling from the Tomb of Quli Qutub Shah to taunt the cops, and has some witty banter with Kulkarni and Amar. After all of the taunting and saber-rattling is over, the cops notice that Jindal knows an awful lot about their movements, such as knowing when and where to call them just now. Amar decides (and rightly so) there is a traitor in the department. He unfortunately grabs the wrong guy and has Sahu escort him out of the room.

Sahu goes home to call Jibran and tell him what's going on, and charges him 10,000 rupees per second this time! As he hangs up, he sees the man that was wrongfully accused of being the mole standing motionless in his doorway. Convinced that this is his ghost, Sahu goes over to poke him. Kashi (the "ghost") snaps at his finger with his teeth, startling everyone.

Sahu looks over to see that Kulkarni, Vishal, and Amar are all in the other doorway to take him into custody. Sahu knows he is busted and goes quietly without incident.

Back over to Jindal's camp. He meets with some other underworld bosses including some from Europe. They all meet to talk about the gigantic neckbeard and mullet the quiet European is sporting. Or perhaps it is drugs, take your pick. A bit more "We are so awesomely bad and powerful we're going to rule the whole freakin' world and get everyone high on our 'poison' woohooo!" talk passes some time until they go to a large meeting hall. They whip out an syringe and load it with some ominous looking liquid. With the promise that this stuff is going to "turn on the heat," they grab Roma and give her a shot of the good stuff. Promising that this concoction will make Roma lose all sense of decency, she'll then stop tipping at restaurants and scratching in public. No wait, she's going to give into Jindal like a newly married bride. That's it. What that translates to is our next musical number, "Main Cheeze Badi Hai." This is a variation of the song they were doing the Pelvis Dance to earlier.

Incidentally, there's some serious thrashing going on with Ms. Roma here. It makes me tired just watching it!

The next morning we see a line of almost identical cars pulling up outside Jindal's new HQ, and opening their doors in synchronization. A whole bunch of international drug guys gets out and they start the meeting. Another car shows up a few moments later, and Sahu pops out. He is stopped by the guards, but tells them he is Jibran's man, here with some information for Jindal. They refuse to let him in without searching his car. Sahu hands over the keys, and they open the trunk. Inside they find Vishal and Amar with a couple of pistols! The pair kills everyone there, including some of the worst stuntmen ever. Also strange, the guns sound like 50's sci-fi laser guns. Weird!

Sahu jumps around like a goofball as everyone around him gets blown away. They then tell Sahu that he must go inside and draw the gangsters outside. Reluctantly, Sahu goes off to do just that.

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