As the song winds down, Amar makes his way to the exit. Staggering out in a drunken stupor, he leaves everyone behind in an awkward silence. A shot of the clock shows us that it is now midnight, and there are only two people left in the hall - Roma and Jindal. He tells her that he asked her to wait until everyone else had left because he had something important to tell her. He gets all poetic and mushy, and basically tells her that he wants to marry her. Roma is caught off guard by this revelation, and doesn't quite know how to respond.

After a few more flowery comments from Jindal, Roma finds her spine and tells him that there's no what that kind of relationship is possible between them. She tells him that she respects him, but she is in love with Amar. Jindal becomes insistent and tells her that he will love her lots more than Amar can, a point which he emphasizes by grabbing her arms fairly roughly.

Roma pulls away from him, and they both realize that things have gone a bit sour. Undaunted, Jindal continues pitching his idea to her, growing more emphatic with each line. He tells her that he is intoxicated with her and that her lovely face has power over him. About this time, Roma puts two and two together and realizes that Jindal can see her.

Jindal takes things a step further and grabs hold of Roma's neck. He tells her that he's waited two years to say anything to her about his feelings. Now that he has put a marriage proposal in front of her, her neck should only move in the affirmative.

As this happens, Mr. Siddiqui (Roma's boss) comes into the room and sees what's happening. Roma shouts out that Jindal is not blind and he's hurting her. Siddiqui tells Jindal that he must release Roma immediately, or else he will expose Jindal's lie in the paper tomorrow morning. Surprisingly Jindal agrees and releases Roma's throat.

Jindal fishes around in his pants pocket, and says that he knows what the actual headline of tomorrow's paper will be. It should go something along the lines of "Mr. Siddiqui has been murdered." He pulls a small pistol out of his pocket and shoots Siddiqui in the forehead!

The editor chooses an interesting time to cut out of the scene, but that's just what we do! Over at the police station, we see Sahu holding Vishal in irons, waiting for Kulkarni in his office. Kulkarni shows up and says that he sure Vishal is expecting to be interrogated and forced to confess, but instead he is releasing him on his own responsibility. As to why he's doing this, he says that when he retires from the force, he wants to know that he did at least one noble thing for the police.

As this is happening, Sahu slips out of the office with an "oh boy! Just wait till they hear this!" look on his face. Speaking of traffic in and out of the room, through the other door marches Amar. He is furious to see Vishal being release again, in spite of all the evidence that had been dug up against him. Amar accuses Kulkarni of exploiting his position for his own purposes, even going so far as to say that Kulkarni didn't even want to catch the men that murdered his father. Vishal interrupts everyone and says that they've all been wronged by the same person - Jindal.

Sahu lurks in the hallway, eavesdropping as Vishal explains that it was Jindal who had him sprung the first time, and who compelled him to kill all of the villains in town thinking he was eradicating evil. Unfortunately they've all been played, and it's up to them to do something about it.

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