Jindal is not pleased at all to learn that Jibran has dropped by the office for a chat. Jindal asks him what he's doing there, and Jibran explains that he had to come. He calls Sahu out from the other room to introduce him to Jindal. Jibran says that this is their informant from the police, and he has something important to tell them. It's only going to cost 5000 rupees per second this time! The big news is that Amar has put Vishal in prison, and they're working on interrogating him now. Jindal is shocked at the news, but more so the part about Vishal being alive enough to interrogate!

Jindal says that if he lives through the night, he'll definitely reveal all that he knows about the true nature of Jindal and his criminal past. Not to mention his criminal present, I suppose. Jindal takes off his dark glasses and checks Sahu's watch. By doing so Sahu realizes that Jindal can see. I realize how obvious this sounds, but heck the movie makes a big deal out of it so I am too!

Jindal says there are eight hours until daybreak, and for some reason that's when they assume their secret will be out. Jindal says he will have a new pawn to play with by then, and will take care of the issue. Sahu can't get over the fact that Jindal can see, and that he's had the entire police force fooled for so long. He's so impressed with Jindal's devious behavior that he touches his feet and asks for a blessing.

Jindal realizes that he's got prime pawn fodder right in front of him, and let's Sahu know that he's got plans for him. Surprisingly Sahu has no problems with this arrangement and gladly agrees to take part.

That evening we find ourselves at a party. Commissioner Kulkarni is in attendance, and is seen chatting with Roma's boss. Amar comes into the room wearing a dapper looking suit and sporting a bandage on his head. He marches over to Kulkarni and tells him that he's got Vishal in custody at the police station. Jindal comes in and asks Amar why he's bothering with Vishal in the first place.

As things do, the party is completely distracted by Roma's entrance. Some of her coworkers greet her at the door and tell her that Jindal has been anxiously awaiting her arrival. Speaking of Jindal, he comes over to greet her personally. He immediately begins putting out the "I'm a creepy pervert" vibe and explains that this whole party is for her, and they couldn't possibly begin the festivities without her.

Amar watches all of this with a look of regret, loss, and a hint of "what the hell is he doing?" Jindal brings Roma over to introduce her to Commissioner Kulkarni, but as we all know they've already met. There's a lot of schmoozing and false compliments and everyone looks generally uncomfortable to be there. Amar has enough and wanders off, but he is caught by Kulkarni. He makes a joke about Amar not drinking alcohol, but Amar defuses the gag by grabbing a bottle of whisky and taking a giant pull off of it. Everyone (except Roma) looks on with impressed expressions as Amar gives them all a "I told you I could do it" look. Sensing the tension, Jindal leads Roma over to the piano and starts pounding out our next musical number, "Hai Kash Kahin."

This consists largely of Amar mooning over his lost chance at love with Roma as she waltzes around the room with Jindal casting longing looks at Amar.

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