Hey everyone, remember Amar? The policeman? Yeah, he's still in the movie. Let's go see what he's doing these days. At the moment, Amar is found walking the streets outside of Vishal's old house. It's all locked up tight with chains and padlocks, so he vaults over the gate and goes around the side to a window. With a little tugging, he pulls the bars from the window and goes inside. Despite the lack of any sort of warrant, Amar starts opening cabinets, drawers, and cupboards, looking for anything of interest. After a few minutes of digging he comes across a desk drawer that holds the photo albums and personal files of the men Vishal has been killing. Amar realizes what he's found, and rushes out of the house.

A jump cut takes us over to Roma's house (well hello Roma! How've you been for the last hour?) where we hear someone knocking in a panicked manner on her front door. She flings the doors open to reveal Vishal! He looks a little worse for wear, and has a bit of a wound on his face. She takes him over to her bed and gets a first-aid kit to clean him up. As she's performing the time-tested "dabbing at the bloody spot with a cotton ball" technique, Amar comes home.

He hears Roma speaking in her room, and heads in that direction. Unfortunately for him, his angle doesn't show him the medical treatment. Instead it looks a bit like Roma is making out with the man she's with. Amar watches in morbid fascination as "oh no!" music plays on the soundtrack.

After having seen enough, Amar opens the door all the way with a little bit of force, making a racket. Startled, Roma looks up and awkwardly gets off of the bed. Vishal turns to see who it is, and Amar tells him that he's got all the evidence he needs to put Vishal away. Never mind that it was obtained illegally, but whatever. Let's move on!

Amar tells him that he knows Vishal is responsible for "all of the murders in the city." Vishal tells him that things are not what they seem, but Vishal isn't interested in hearing any of it. He whips out the handcuffs and tells him that they're going downtown. Roma tries to intervene, but Amar slings a bunch of accusations at her. He tells her that he knows that she's been sheltering her "lover" ever since she freed him from prison. Roma is insulted and tells him that he's got no right to make these claims against her, but Amar's mind is made up. After further protest from Roma, Amar hauls off and slaps her in the head.

Vishal tells him that if he wants to show how tough he is, he should fight someone his own size, and preferably a man. Amar accuses Vishal of hiding behind women as a coward. All of these are of course fightin' words, so they finally have it out in a big brawl that leaves half of the house in ruins. Meanwhile Roma does a lot of the gasping and covering of her mouth that is called for at a time like this. She eventually becomes aware of the files that Amar tossed on the bed before the fight broke out, and she takes a look at what is inside.

Roma is shocked to see that Amar wasn't kidding about the contents of the files. As she has these revelations, the fight escalates to a full-on kung-fu battle and moves outside. Having had her fill of these silly men, Roma takes Amar's service revolver out of his holster and goes outside. She fires it into the air to get their attention, and orders them to stop fighting. Vishal stops what he's doing and looks at her, but Amar had one last blow to deliver before coming to a stop. Unfortunately for Vishal, that translates to getting hit in the back of the head with a shovel. Roma looks at Amar with an expression of incredulity, but Amar's got the "That's what you GET!" look on his face. He tosses down the shovel and glares at her.

Well that was exciting! Lots going on here. Let's not forget Jibran and Jindal though. Now's a good time to see what they're up to.

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