Poona runs over to a phone and calls up Kulkarni. She says that The Boss has been killed, but before she can say anything more Jindal yanks the phone cord out of the wall and starts strangling Poona with it. He tells her that many a woman has brought a man both success as well as his downfall. He won't give her the chance to bring him down.

After doing some aggressive grunting and so forth, Poona finally takes a careful nosedive into the table, and presumably dies. However there is still the matter of the soon-to-be-arriving police force! We see their Jeep pull up outside and several officers jump out. They look ahead of them and see two bodies lying on the ground. One is that of The Boss, all shot up and bleeding with his gun in his hand. The other is Poona, with a few nasty looking red marks on her throat.

The cops' discovery is interrupted by Jindal screaming Poona's name like a battle cry, and lurching like a lunatic out of the front door. He grabs at his eyes and starts screaming about how he can't see a thing. After thrashing around and wailing like a banshee for a minute, we cut to a hospital.

Jindal sits in the bed with his eyes all covered in bandages. He tries to tell his fabricated story to the police but claims he can't remember a lot. He says there were at least four men that The Boss fought bravely against, but was unable to overcome them all. He also claims they strangled Poona as she tried to call for help. A woman and a young boy are shown standing by the door as Jindal claims they put something in his eyes. As a result, he can no longer see. Kulkarni looks at him with that "you poor bastard" look on his face, then goes to the woman and child. He picks up the boy and calls him Amar (aha!) before leading them out of the room.

The other door opens, and Tyson and Jibran come into the room. They tell him that this is what he gets for messing with them, and that he's lucky he got away with only being blinded. If he does anything against them again, they'll put him out of his misery for good. We slip into a voiceover at this point where Jibran tells us a bunch of stuff that we already know, like how he pretended to be blind to have his revenge later on.

We snap back to the present, where Jibran calls Jindal his boss, and begs for forgiveness for what happened so many years ago. Jindal tells him that the fact he's saved his life today also buys him his salvation. Jindal turns to Vishal and goes through a lot of rhetoric about how mean and tough he is, and says that no one gets away with messing with him.

One of the goons hands Jindal a package of fireworks that is supposed to be a gigantic bomb. Jindal places it between Vishal's feet and presses a button on the electronic digital timer (which of course begins ticking loudly like an old-fashioned alarm clock). He bids Vishal farewell, and the Bad Guys leave the little house. Vishal looks down at the bomb and starts working on a plan to escape. The rest of us are laughing as it's clear the numbers on the timer are going UP. Take your time, Vishal!

Vishal smashes his chair around the room until it falls apart. At the stroke of 12 seconds (you know, a nice round number) the bomb goes off and completely destroys the house. Jindal smiles in satisfaction that his puppet is dead, but we see Vishal have another Hulk moment as he explodes from a pile of leaves.

Looks like it's payback time.

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