Both Jindal and Vishal are astonished to see that Jibran has not succumbed to his injuries, but Jindal's look is more of a victorious one. Jibran gives him a buck-toothed smile and a nod to let him know that everything's going to be just fine. A few anonymous goons show up and grapple Vishal into submission, allowing Jindal a few free punches and slaps before they tie him to a chair. Vishal that is, not Jindal. Sorry.

Anyway, it looks like Jibran and Jindal aren't the mortal enemies we were led to believe they were. Jibran even asks for orders from Jindal to shoot Vishal. Jindal says that although Vishal's time is almost over, he does still owe him a debt. After all, he has done so much to help him! In order to put Vishal's soul at peace, Jindal says that he will explain his little scheme in classic Bond-villain style.

It's flashback time. We see Jindal's wife telling him that if he wants to become wealthy, he should stop all of his illegal activities with his buddies and become a respectable businessman. During her little speech, Jindal is seen (wearing some frightening clothes) behaving much as a spoiled teenager would when they are lectured by a parent. Lots of eye rolling and looking around, tapping feet impatiently, etc. He impatiently explains to her that he wants lots of money and he wants it fast. He's not going to do that by working with her father as a printer.

We cut to a younger looking Tyson explaining that smuggling clothes and watches isn't the way to get rich quick. The contraband of choice these days is found in the drug market. Oh ho ho! Looks like a young Jibran is in on the meeting too. They both warn Jindal that he faces stiff risks if he wants to play in the big league, but Jindal says he can handle it.

They explain the plot to him: He has a contact on the border. Jindal will have to meet with this contact to bring in a shipment of drugs back to the city. Jindal agrees to do it without a moment of hesitation. Meanwhile we see younger versions of the cops who are also aware of the new handoff point at the border. The young Kulkarni tries to explain to his superior that the situation is bad, but The Boss says that he's got the border locked down tight and nothing can get past him.

Later that evening, we see Poona, Jindal's wife, having a talk with The Boss at The Boss's house. She expresses her frustration with Jindal's lifestyle, but there's nothing to be done about it. While all of this is going on, we see Jindal peeking in at them, then getting a pistol from a drawer in the next room. He then steals a police uniform and nametag from The Boss's closet. The Boss agrees to have dinner with the whole family once his wife and kid are back in town, and they'll all work together to try and convince Jindal to settle down.

Jindal goes to the docks to meet with the contact who has arrived on a boat. The people handling the boat are hilarious, as it rocks wildly back and forth. Almost as if it were on gimbals or had some stage hands pushing it. He makes the handoff smoothly, and proceeds to the border checkpoint. He keeps his face in the shadows and the cops think it's The Boss coming through. They wave him through without a search, and he's home free.

He meets with Tyson and Jibran to hand over the case full of drugs. They compliment him on his work, and tell him that they'll sell it the next day and divide the money equally. Jindal deviates from the plan, and says that since he incurred the most risks, he should get more of the split. He claims half of the money, and says the other two men will split the other half. Jindal then storms out of the room with a bit of a hissy fit.

Once Jindal is out of earshot, Tyson says they will split the money between them all right, but not just half of it. They conspire to have Jindal arrested so they can keep his share as well! They call up The Boss and tell him what happened that night. As Jindal returns to The Boss's house to sneak the uniform back, he is met at the door by The Boss. The Boss tells him that since he is a friend, he won't kill Jindal on the spot (I'm not sure that what he did was a capital offense, but whatever!) but he does have to arrest him. Jindal draws the service revolver from his holster and shoots The Boss no less than five times! That's bad, but what's worse is that Poona sees the whole thing from the balcony upstairs.

Jindal heads up to clean up the whole witness problem!

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