Mr. Thug takes his eyewitness account over to his boss. Tyson calls Jibran and gets the news - Jibran is not the one behind all of the trouble, and he wants to work with Tyson to put an end to all of the shenanigans. He invites Tyson to his house to discuss some plans, but Tyson's advisors think that is a bad idea. They agree to a neutral territory so that no one feels too threatened by the others' turf. They decide on a quarry the next morning. Jibran has no problems with that, and the plans are set.

Wasting no time (thanks, editor!) we cut to the parade of cars pulling up to the meeting site. Several carloads of goons pop out, all toting some kind of scary looking gun. Tyson and Jibran meet in the middle, and it is made clear that Tyson still doesn't trust Jibran or quite believe what he's saying. Jibran tells him that they must set aside their old rivalry and concentrate on the task at hand, but Tyson thinks that this is all an elaborate setup to get Tyson to drop his guard.

Of course, we see Vishal off in the distance. He pops his head up and surveys the scene. Having assessed the situation, he takes aim with a bolt action rifle and squeezes off a shot. The bullet hits Tyson in the upper arm, but the assembled mass of gangsters all immediately assume that they've been had. A massive gunfight breaks out and the two gangs basically kill each other off. Finally only Tyson is left alive, but wounded.

Tyson looks around and sees everyone on the ground, bleeding out or already dead. Not quite sure what to do next, he lingers in the area. Vishal stands up again and takes aim once more, putting a bullet into Tyson's leg. Tyson goes down into the dirt, and Vishal finally shows himself. He walks up to Tyson as Tyson demands to know who he is and why he's doing this. Vishal says nothing, and blasts Tyson once more. Tyson gives us one final "dirty mind!" before expiring. We also see that Jibran isn't quite dead yet. He looks up long enough to see this final moment of Tyson's life, then he scurries off.

Cut to Jindal's office. We see Jindal on the phone congratulating Vishal for making such good progress. He lights up a smoke in celebration as his plans are almost complete!

Enough of that. Vishal is seen vaulting over a wall some time later (it's dark out now). He sneaks around a little bit, and approaches a sliding glass door. He looks inside to see the Commissioner inside with his buddy. The Commissioner is pounding down the drinks tonight, and tells his friend that he's so happy there is someone in the city killing off all of the scum. He's also glad that they aren't bogged down in the legal system, and are getting things taken care of quickly. He even endorses the idea of having four or five such vigilantes working in the city to get it completely cleaned up.

Vishal hears the frustrating in Kulkarni's voice, and realizes that he's really not part of the problem after all. Vishal aborts the mission and walks away, but is spotted by Jibran who is there for no reason that we're aware of!

The next day, the slaughter from the day before has been found by Amar. He also finds Vishal's sunglasses that he's been wearing for a lot of the movie. Thinking that he's onto something, he gets a nasty grin on his face.

We cut to Vishal approaching the little house in the middle of nowhere to meet with Jindal. Jindal welcomes him warmly and thanks him for killing the Commissioner and ridding the city of evil. Vishal says that evil can only be destroyed on the foundation of truth, which is not what Jindal has told him. Therefore, he has left the Commissioner alive.

Jindal (and the soundtrack) are furious at this news. He asks Vishal how he could allow Kulkarni to live, knowing what he knows. Vishal says that he knows the Commissioner has been defeated by the system, but he's an honest man. He's not an ally of the criminals in the city.

Jindal is still good and mad. He tells Vishal that the Commissioner is putting on an act to confuse him, and he really is as bad as Jindal says he is. Vishal says that the only thing he might have been confused about was the truth behind Jindal's story. At this, Jindal lashes out and punches Vishal in the head, sending him flying over a table and onto the floor. He immediately looks sheepish, and starts calling Vishal's name.

Vishal gets an idea, and takes a small ashtray from the floor. He throws it as hard as he can a Jindal's face. Jindal reacts by catching the ashtray in midair. How could he do that when... he's... blind? Oh wait. Guess that was all an act!

Vishal realizes that he's been had, and is furious. He demands to know why he's been made a puppet of Jindal's for all this time. Jindal tells him that he was right to choose Vishal for his dirty work. He needed a weapon to strike out at his enemies, Tyson and Jibran. When Roma came to him with Vishal's tale, he knew that he would make a good pawn in his game of vengeance.

Vishal is beyond angry, and tells him that he'll put a stop to this little charade right now. He pulls a pistol and starts to pull the trigger when the gun is shot out of his hand! They both look over to see the wounded Jibran standing in the doorway!

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