Sahu notices that someone's running away from the scene. With a little squint, he realizes that it's the ever-increasingly suspicious Vishal. Points to ponder, I suppose! With that little nugget rolling around in Sahu's head, let's check in with headquarters. Tyson is in Commissioner Kulkarni's office, asking about all of the recent activity in his territory. He's none too pleased that Inspector Amar seems to be causing him so much trouble. Kulkarni admits that Amar was at the raid on Tyson's warehouse, but he didn't kill anybody.

Over at Jibran's place, we see Sahu marching over to meet with the Big Boss. He tells Jibran that there's someone playing him and Tyson against each other, and that they are not part of the police. Of course, he'll be happy to part with the whole story for a small fee! They work out another price per second - 1000 rupees this time (peak hours cost more, you see). In his typical elaborate method he relates the tale of Minto's demise. He then reveals the name of this bane on the business - Vishal Agnihotri.

Everyone looks surprised and a little confused, as Vishal isn't a cop, nor one of Tyson's guys. Sahu says that they're pretty sure about this, as Vishal's been seen at every death of the gang members in the last few days. Jibran agrees to Sahu's fees, and tells the men to alert the factory about the new threat.

Speaking of that threat, Vishal is looking at his picture book again and has selected his next target - Bhinda Thakur, the head of Jibran's drug factory. The red X goes over his face (shouldn't he really do that after he carries out the hit? What if something were to go wrong? Anyway...) We cut to Vishal walking through an abandoned textile mill with a big shiny suitcase as a voice-over of Jindal tells us a little bit about the business.

Vishal is apprehended by a bald thug who demands to know who he is and what he's doing there. Vishal tells him that he's an electrician. The thug is confused as the power is on, and says something to that effect. Vishal says that he's going to turn the lights out, and kills him with a little strangulation. The noise attracts the rest of the guys, and a rumble quickly breaks out. Vishal once again kills damn near everyone with a knife, leaving only Bhinda mortally wounded.

Vishal walks off with the suitcase and sets it down someplace quiet. He opens it and removes a stereotypical bundle of dynamite with a little alarm clock timer on it, and a pair of pistols. Bhinda, lying bleeding on the floor, drags himself over to a gun that one of his lackeys had been carrying.

In a scene very reminiscent of the big coke factory scene from RoboCop, Vishal opens the doors and takes a headcount of everyone in the room. We get a look at how the smuggling works - gigantic fish are hacked open to reveal packets of drugs hidden inside them. This was actually kind of gross, because I'm thinking these were real fish.

Vishal is distracted from his observations by the sound of Bhinda clumsily approaching from behind with the machine gun he has appropriated. Vishal shoots him a few times, which tips off the staff on the factory floor that there's a problem. Not wanting to lose momentum, Vishal just opens the doors wider and moves in. He shoots everyone he sees, regardless of them threatening him. He also misses them quite a few times, sending a few bullets into the piles of dead fish on the table. Also pretty gross.

Vishal rounds the corner to see a new batch of bad guys coming to meet him, but these guys are actually armed! They all point their guns at Vishal who notices that he's out of bullets. He tosses his guns, and holds up the bomb he's got stashed in his coat. Seeing the gun keeps the guys from opening fire, giving Vishal time to start the clock. He hurls the bomb at their feet and runs out of the room. The gunmen do much the same, in the other direction.

Outside, Jibran's main lackey shows up just in time to see Vishal Hulk-smash his way out of the big factory doors. Vishal high-tails it away from the building as it explodes in a gigantic fireball!

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