Everyone from her office as well as her family are all gathered around the cake table, waiting for Roma to hack into it. She seems reluctant to do so, even at the insistence of her boss and the Almighty Jindal who is there for some reason. Roma continues to stall, starting nervously out through the open doorway. She hems and haws a bit before she finally sees Amar and his mother walking down the driveway with a large bouquet of flowers.

Things get more exciting when it is revealed that Amar has brought more than just flowers to the party. He opens a jewelry box and presents Roma with an engagement ring. Of course this sends everyone into a fit of bliss and merriment (I may be exaggerating just a little) and many gasps are shared all around.

Jindal doesn't seem too happy about this, and makes the joke that the police and the press are known enemies. How could they end up in marriage? Everyone has a chuckle as the ring is placed on Roma's finger. This naturally leads us to the next musical number, "Subah Se Shaam."

Let's leave them to their little celebration and see what's happening with the criminal element.

Over at Tyson's place, we see Flora on the phone with a Mr. Lee. She hands the phone over to Tyson and they go over the details of a large deal that's going down soon. A cut shows us that the line is tapped, and Amar is listening in with Sahu. This leads us to what I'd consider an awkward attempt at comedy - the pair of them are going to impersonate the aforementioned Mr. Lee and his associate. We cut to the cops in the car as they head over to the meeting place (a warehouse! It's about time!). We get to see their costumes! Amar is attempting to be Chinese, complete with the long white beard and moustache, and Sahu is attempting to be a black man. I had low expectations for where this scene was headed, and I was not too far off in my estimation.

Cut to Vishal selecting his next target - some guy called Minto who sells drugs to kids on playgrounds. Very nice! Minto is present at the deal that's going down with Amar and Sahu, so as one can imagine worlds are about to collide.

Sahu doesn't take long to screw up the plan, as he wipes off some of the makeup that is darkening his skin on his forehead. Amar congratulates Sahu for screwing up yet again, and decides to be more proactive this time. He removes his disguise, and introduces himself. He then proceeds to kick every last butt in the whole warehouse for the next few minutes. This is a pretty decent fight scene, once again relying on Akshay Kumar's natural abilities.

During the battle, we see Minto grab the suitcase full of drugs, and head out of the building. Sahu claims the case of cash as Amar chases Minto outside. As Minto runs down a road, a nondescript car pulls up along side of him. The door opens, and Minto hops inside. He thanks the driver for the lift, then realizes who it is - Vishal! Vishal guns the engine and heads for a cliff at high speeds. Amar has commandeered a motorcycle and is in hot pursuit. Unfortunately he is too far away to do anything as Vishal dives out of the car, sending it plummeting over the edge of the cliff. The car has barely tapped the ground when it completely explodes, vaporizing the hapless Minto.

Amar arrives just in time to see the car fly apart (literally - this thing is more wrecked than the Lusitania). He observantly states, "Damn! He's dead!" just to make sure that we're all on the same page.

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