This fight is largely one-sided, with Marcos soaking up a lot of damage from Vishal's enthusiastic beating. Finally Vishal puts the boots to him, and sends Marcos flying out of an open window. They're probably a good ten to twelve floors up, so there's a big drop to the ground below. Luckily, there's a mannequin on hand to take that fall for our man Marcos. He stiffly plummets to the parking lot below, where the car his date is waiting in resides.

The windshield of the car shatters a good second ahead of the impact of the dummy on the hood, spoiling the effect a bit. Undaunted, the actress inside screams at the camera with dainty drops of blood on her face.

Marcos (the real guy, not the dummy, well who can say really, I've never met the man) stares at the camera with his tongue poking out. The Terminator music kicks in as Amar and Sahu run over to the building. They punch the buttons for the elevator, and are taken aback when Vishal walks out of the lift after the doors open.

Amar orders Vishal to stop, and says there's a body outside. He'd like to know if Vishal knows anything about that. Vishal apologizes, and politely says that he knows nothing of what Amar is speaking. Amar begins interrogating him in the lobby, asking him what he was doing there and what his business was. Vishal says that he's being unfairly harassed, and tries to leave.

Amar tells him that no matter where Vishal goes, he'll always find Amar in his path demanding to know the truth. At this point, Jindal shows up out of nowhere and asks Vishal who it is that is bothering him. Vishal states that Amar is giving him a hard time and accusing him of murder all at the same time. Jindal says that the very idea of Vishal killing someone is preposterous, and that he's been with him for the last two hours. Vishal makes his big political statement here that criminals aren't born from a mother's womb, but instead are created by this kind of hassle from the police. After a threat or two from Amar, we are done with the scene.

We cut over to Jibran and some of his cronies as they lug around some boxes in a dimly lit alleyway. You know, general Bad Guy activities. As Jibran gets into a car with some of his guys, lots of other cars start turning into the alleyway and blocking the exits. Jackson, one of Tyson's lieutenants, leaps out and attacks Jibran with his bare hands. They manage to pull him off of Jibran and ask him what his problem is. Jackson says that he is there to settle the scores for the death of Marcos. Tyson emerges from another car, and accuses Jibran of being deceitful and attacking them while claiming to be their friend.

Everyone gets out their guns and they all stare at each other for a few tense moments. It's not until Jackson gets his pistol on Jibran's neck that they all realize they need to calm down. Tyson decides to let Jibran off with a warning (seriously!) and his gang pulls away. There are a few "what did you let him go for?" questions that have some pretty hollow answers ("Cause I'll get him next time!"), then we bail out of that scene.

We go to a little run-down house in the middle of nowhere. A car pulls up, and the driver lets Jindal out of the back seat. He goes inside to have a chat with Vishal who seems to have been waiting for him. Jindal compliments Vishal on his methods of stirring up trouble between the gangsters, and says that will make it easier for him to continue picking them off. He does warn Vishal that Amar suspects him (thank you, Mr. Obvious) and that he should be careful around him.

Now that we've sorted that out (really, I think we could have skipped that scene completely) we meet up with Amar and Roma. She's mad that Amar spends all of his time brooding over the Vishal situation and isn't paying her any attention at all. She asks him if he even knows what today is. Amar thinks for a bit, and says that he doesn't know what she's talking about. She asks him if he's being serious, and he says he is. Roma storms off in a huff, and leaves Amar wondering what he's missing.

We cut to Roma's house as they prepare to cut a birthday cake, and it becomes clear that Amar's screwed up big time.

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