Amar reaches the seat of the man in question, and calls for his attention. It's Vishal! Amar recognizes him, and asks him what he's doing here. Vishal asks the (obvious!) question - what does one ordinarily do on the bus? He follows up with the statement that it's not in his nature to go around doing illegal things, and shows that he even has a ticket to ride the bus. Vishal glances out of the window, and says that they're at his stop anyway. He stands up and politely pushes past Amar and Sahu, making his way off of the bus.

We cut to Jibran's hideout, where the henchmen of the evening are discussing the current spate of bad news. Irfan's father is there, and says that he knows Inspector Amar was involved in his son's death, and wants vengeance. Jibran tells him that he needs to be patient, and the whole story will be unveiled before too long. Jibran also explains that he's now got a reliable mole inside the police department to keep them well informed of what's going on in town.

As if on cue (well, in this case I suppose it was) Sahu marches through the doorway, flanked by several beefy bodyguards. He makes the comment that he is so happy that Jibran would remember him! Jibran tells him that if he can provide some good information, he'll make life even sweeter for Sahu. Sahu says that revealing the truth is merely a policeman's duty, and will happily relay what he saw of Irfan's death, for the low low price of 100 rupee's per second.

Sahu tells things pretty much the way we saw them happen, but adds lots of unnecessary descriptions of people and pauses to stretch out the clock a bit. Jibran is pleased with the report, and tells Sahu that instead of the 4,000 rupees he had "earned," he'll give him 10,000 to make sure that he stays loyal. Jibran dwells on this new information, and asks for verification - Amar was not the one responsible for Irfan's death, right? Sahu confirms this is the case - it was not Amar.

While this information does clear Amar's involvement, it doesn't answer the question of who actually did kill him. Jibran thinks out loud, and says there's only one person in town who would dare strike against him so blatantly - Tyson.

We cut to Vishal flipping through his Trapper Keeper of targets, and he stops on the photo of Marcos, who is Tyson's right hand man. In a voice-over, we hear a description of him. It is said that he does all of Tyson's murders, and is an extremely dangerous man. Vishal smiles smugly to himself, and draws a red X through his portrait.

Cut to Sahu posing as a shoe-shine guy. Amar poses as a customer as they discuss their own tracking of Marcos. It seems he's on the move a lot these days, and is proving to be very difficult to keep up with. Luckily, they spy him leaving the Hotel Sea Princess (seriously) with a young lady companion. They observe as he gets into a car with the girl, then for reasons not yet clear, he says he must go back to their room. She impatiently urges him to hurry up as he runs back inside.

Up in the room, we see Marcos let himself in and head for a small table with a lamp on it. He opens the drawer and pulls out a pistol. Looking relieved, he is about to put the gun in his jacket. Just then, the light on the table switches on by itself! Marcos looks around apprehensively, and begins a patrol of the room (suite is more accurate).

He goes up into the bedroom, and sees Vishal splayed out on the bed. Pointing his gun at him, Marcos approaches him cautiously. Hey Marcos - that gun probably works just as well a couple of yards away from him, but go ahead and close that gap while we're all thinking about it! Marcos asks Vishal who he is, and Vishal's replies are "death" and a kick to the groin, in that order.

As one might imagine, Marcos begins receiving the beat down of his soon-to-be-over life.

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