We join Jibran at what appears to be a birthday party. The general merriment is interrupted when a dramatic entrance is made by Tyson, his old friend and current business rival. The two greet each other with respect, and we get to hear Tyson's first guttural uttering of his favorite phrase, "dirty mind." He explains that his heart was seeking to wish an old friend a happy birthday, but his head told him not to. However, he writes that off to his mind being dirty, and went with his instinct.

Jibran is pleased to see that even despite their current situation, there is still enough of a friendship between them that they can make such polite gestures. Tyson tells Jibran that he's brought a gift for him, and waves towards the door. In marches a lovely young lady toting a brightly wrapped gift box. We also see that Amar is working the bar, with a fantastic fake moustache on and some thick-framed glasses. He also takes note of the woman, and continues to polish some glasses.

Jibran tells his underlings to call the bomb squad, as he thinks Tyson has brought him death instead of a present. After an awkward pause, he lets on that he's only kidding, and Tyson accuses him of also having a dirty mind. After all, Tyson says a normal bomb wouldn't take out a thick-skinned tough guy like Jibran. Only (and I swear I'm not making this up) a "sex bomb" could do the trick.

Despite this little moment of awkwardness, the woman giggles and hands over the present, then gives Jibran a smooch on the cheek. Amar does another lowering of the glasses thing at this moment, then we go back to the bad guys. Jibran says they've had enough fooling around, and it's time for the grown-ups to talk business.

The main guys go upstairs to hash out some details. We see Amar peeping in through some curtains as the men recall a few times when they've both ripped of the other. They do agree that if they keep squabbling like they have been, it would be possible for a third party to intervene and stir up trouble. They decide to split the city in half, with Tyson taking the west side, and Jibran running things on the east side.

The phone rings, and Jibran tells Tyson and his entourage to go downstairs and enjoy the party while he takes this call. Amar listens intently from behind the curtains as Jibran loudly shouts out the details of a big deal that's going down soon that his nephew Irfan (who is rocking the most awesome mullet ever) will be handling. He helpfully hollers out the location and time of the huge drug deal, and says nothing could go wrong.

Back at the police station Amar tells Sahu and Roma (who is there for some reason) about the deal. He then says that if they can infiltrate the club where the deal is going down, they can put Jibran away for good. But how to get in? After some "comedy," they of course decide to sneak in under the guise of being the performers at the party. We cut to Vishal flipping through his file of bad guys until he comes to Irfan's photo. He crosses the picture out with a red marker as we segue into the next song, "Tu Cheez Badi Hai."

As the song goes on we see that Sahu is also with them, and Irfan is in attendance. As the song reaches the end, the house lights are cut. Sahu runs up to a spotlight, and points it at Irfan and his cohort. Amar pulls out his service revolver and draws a bead on Irfan. He commands him to remain still, lest he catch some serious lead poisoning. Vishal is also shown to be among the crowd, and he's none too pleased that Amar's pulling this stunt.

After a lot of looking around at each other, Irfan's partner makes a wise decision and pulls out a pistol and opens fire on Amar. People scatter all over the place as Amar returns fire, landing a few slugs into the goon's chest. Irfan sees that things are getting out of hand, so he beats cheeks out of harm's way. Vishal observes this and also heads out.

Cut to a bus stop. Irfan stumbles out of the darkness near the stop and just misses the latest bus. He flounces down the street after it to catch up, and manages to get on board with the help of another passenger. Not too much farther down the road, a police jeep stops in the middle of the street, and Amar hops out to the rocking tunes of The Terminator theme. He boards the bus and begins searching through the passengers.

He finds Irfan on the upper deck of the bus, but he is dead! A familiar looking man in a leather jacket sits further up on the aisle, and Amar cautiously moves up to investigate.

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