Eventually everyone's ass is thoroughly kicked, and Amar hoists Irfan over his shoulder. We cut to Amar's office at the jail, where Roma is seen sitting in a chair in front of his desk. Amar marches right past her and tosses Irfan into the holding cell. While Roma stares Amar up and down like a piece of meat, Sahu enters the room in standard police uniform. While he is taken with Roma's appearance, Amar doesn't seem all that impressed.

Sahu casually strides over to her and leans on her chair. He introduces himself and tries to look authoritative by ordering another officer to bring her some tea. She's had six cups already, as she's been waiting in the station for over six hours. (Six hours? I'd have thought someone as busy as Roma might have something more productive to do that day. Leave a note for crying out loud!)

Amar comes over to his desk, and the officer introduces Roma to him. Amar deadpans her while she again attempts to look alluring, but no go. Amar sits down at the desk and begins doing the paperwork to process his new prisoner. Roma tosses out a few compliments about Amar's style, and how it's nice to see a responsible cop in town, but Amar tells her to get to her point. After a few more coy comments, she tells him that she needs Vishal's file. Amar asks her what she wants that for, but eventually she talks him into handing it over.

We go to the commissioner's office, where Irfan is sitting with his lawyer. They go over what happened with the commissioner, and he seems oddly sympathetic to the criminals. He apologizes to them for the charade that was put on to "trap" them, and explains that Amar is new to the force. The new officers tend to be a bit overzealous in their duties, or so he claims. With laughs and handshakes, the men all rise to their feet and the commissioner tells Irfan that he's free to go.

The door opens as the men approach it to leave. Amar enters, and is disgusted with the commissioner for letting them off the hook. The commissioner basically tells him to be quiet, and insists that the men are free to go.

We cut to the lair of Jibran, Irfan's boss. Jibran is not happy about the close call, and gives Irfan a smack in the face for being so sloppy. He then turns to the bruised and battered cronies that were also in attendance at the fight. Jibran demands to know who was watching the door to the club that night. One man timidly speaks up, and begs for forgiveness. He let Sahu in because he believed he was a woman (how that get-up fooled anyone is beyond me!). Jibran tells him that in this business, people don't get forgiveness for making mistakes. Instead, they get a quick death! Jibran stabs the man in the heart with a handy ice pick, and we get odd close-ups of everyone watching him fall down.

Back at Amar's house, we see our hero returning from a tough day at the office. He hears his mother calling from off-screen, and she asks where he's been. He explains that he was on a raid, and she reminisces about his father, also a policeman, and how dedicated he was to his duty. She is upset with him about one thing though. When he asks what it is, she says that he's hidden something from her. At that moment, Roma barges in from another room and claims that Amar never told his mother that they were an item.

Naturally Amar is surprised to hear this and denies that there's anything going on. Roma calls him a liar and there is a brief argument. Amar isn't able to convince his mother otherwise, and Roma leaves after thanking him once more for the file earlier that day. She also mentions that she's located Tony the Cokehead just as she leaves.

Back at the newspaper offices, we see Roma's boss going over the list of witnesses and officials that will be at Vishal's new hearing. They pack up and head over to meet with the board that will decide Vishal's fate.

Here we meet the illustrious Jindal. Being blind, a helpful person at the table rises to guide him to his seat. However, Jindal chastises him for assuming that he needed any help, and makes his way to his seat with no aid at all. Everyone shares knowing looks at how powerful and intense Jindal is before getting down to business.

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