The process of "start the ride, then stab a Miscreant" repeats itself once more before Vishal tracks down the Last of the Miscreants, the Birthday Boy from the party. Caught on a small footbridge, Vishal brandishes the now rather soiled Blade of Vengeance in Birthday Boy's face, then drives it into his gut a few times before tossing him over the railing of the bridge into a small creek below. Basking in the knowledge that his quest to avenge the deaths of Rita and Priya has been completed, Vishal drops the knife and stares at his bloody hand.

We hear the voice of the judge we saw not that long ago declaring to the court that through a guilty plea and corroborating testimony from witnesses (I'm assuming he means the greasy prosecutor, since he was the only other person we saw at the park), Vishal is to serve out the rest of his life in prison. We see Vishal being led through the halls of the jail we met him in, and the shot fades out.

When we come back, we see that Roma thinks that a great injustice has been done to Vishal. She also believes that injustice continues to be done to him by keeping him behind bars. Vishal closes himself back into his cell, and tells her that there's nothing on the outside left for him anyway. Everyone he cared about is dead, and they have been avenged. Roma says that he's going to have to face life again, and she swears to get him released.

Some time later, we see Roma at work. Her boss is not happy with her for publishing a scathing tale of Vishal's unjust imprisonment. Apparently he didn't go over the lead story of his newspaper before it went to press. Okay! He tells Roma that he's sure the hammer's going to drop on them for printing such a story, and he's going to tell anyone that asks about it that it is all her fault.

At that moment, the phone begins to ring. It's their boss, Mr. Jindal. Jindal is very pleased with what Roma has done, and says that he cleared her to write the story. The public response has been overwhelming, and the papers are flying off the newsstands. Roma looks rather pleased with herself as her boss sucks up to Jindal a little more. After he gets off the phone, the boss tells Roma that an appointment has been made with the police commissioner to hand over the materials concerning Vishal's case so that Roma might begin working on getting Vishal released.

We go over to the police station, but the commissioner is reluctant to give her the materials she came for. He tells her that instead of glorifying a murder like Vishal, she should write about him instead. He then tells her that the file she's after is in the charge of Officer Amar Saxena, but he's out on duty. His whereabouts are available if she can get in touch with Officer Kashinath Sahu. Roma asks where he is, and we cut to one of those scenes that has many things wrong with it. Sahu is apparently working undercover, and his disguise is that of a... generously proportioned woman.

Sahu parades through some kind of club that's decked out in Popeye decorations. Everyone in the place is going crazy with lust for this beautiful "woman" as she makes her way through the room. Sahu plays coy with two easily identifiable Bad Guys, and makes himself at home at their table. He then proceeds to engage them in a deal for some narcotics, emptying his purse of money onto the table.

Unfortunately for Sahu, when he reaches into his top for some more cash, he accidentally dislodges a tennis ball that he had been using to simulate his "breast." Some of the men notice this, and the jig is up! Sahu stands up and begins trying to explain what has happened. Irfan (the fellow in the black jacket in this picture) pulls a gun and levels it at Sahu's face, but before he can fire the skylight above them shatters, dropping a police officer in a proper uniform into the room.

Amar Saxena has arrived! He tells Irfan that he and his cronies should go outside and wait in his Jeep to be taken into custody. Irfan doesn't feel very cooperative, and a massive kung-fu fight breaks out! During the fracas, we see the other dealer guy collecting the bag of cash and the case of drugs, then sneaking out while everyone is busy kicking.

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