This leads to another unfortunate scene of a woman being attacked by a pack of aggressive males who won't take "no" for an answer. Rita does put up a good fight, and manages to land a few pretty good hits on the guys, but unfortunately she is unable to overcome their assault. She backs away from them but ends up slipping on a wet ledge in the large bathroom, and falls into the tub. The men descend upon her, and we cut away.

We come back to see Vishal and Priya bursting into Rita's hospital room. The attending nurse allows them to see her, then pulls the sheet over Rita's face. She has not survived the ordeal. Vishal is out of his mind with anger. He goes out into the hallway where Tony is leaning against the door frame. Tony still seems to be under the influence of his drugs, as he's really not paying any attention, and isn't coherent when Vishal grabs him. Vishal demands to know what happened at the party last night, but all Tony can really do is apologize. He does say that Rita was drugged, but is unable to answer when Vishal orders him to tell him the names of those responsible for the attack.

We cut to the courthouse. Tony is in the witness stand, and the Four Miscreants are all on the defendant's stand together. The defense attorney asks him which of the four men attacked Rita first. Tony honestly can't say, but stammers and babbles incoherently while trying to come up with a response. The defense attorney says that the witness can't answer any of his questions. He turns Tony over to the prosecution, who seems to be playing for the other team. He also asks several questions that Tony can't answer, and even goes so far as to describe his drug habit to the court.

The lawyer goes on to say that he knows that Tony was on drugs at the party, and according to the post-mortem on Rita she had drugs in her system as well. He goes on to say that Tony and Rita had spoken of marriage before, and presumes that they had both had drugs to fan the flames of their lust for each other. He declares that Rita died because of drugs, not the attack.

The judge says that he has made a decision. He declares that the Four Miscreants were not guilty of the crime, and sentences Tony to three months in jail for presenting a false case. The prosecutor looks at the onlookers with a smug grin, while Vishal looks at Priya with grim determination.

We cut to Vishal working out in the gym. While he's pumping iron, we check in with Priya at home. She hears someone at the door, and opens it to find the Four Miscreants. They tell her that the court made a terrible mistake, and that they should not have been let out on the streets! They chase Priya through the house, and we look to be headed down some tragically familiar roads. She stops in the kitchen and grabs a large knife, brandishing it at the intruders.

Priya orders them to stop where they are, but they don't. She then asks them not to stop, but they still come closer. She then pleads with them to stop, and they continue to taunt her and inch forward. Priya then takes a big gulp of air, turns the knife toward herself, and stabs herself in the abdomen.

The Four Miscreants were not expecting this. They look shocked and high-tail it out of the house. They pull out of the driveway in their van just as Vishal arrives home from the gym. He notices the unfamiliar vehicle leaving, but continues inside. He calls for Priya, and hears her faintly calling his name in reply. He finds Priya on the floor, and asks her who did this to her. She is able to whisper that Rita's killers did it, and asks Vishal to punish them before she slips into death.

We cut to an amusement park where the Four Miscreants are meeting with the prosecutor from the case. We see that they bribed him to throw the court's sympathy in their favor and get them off the hook. They all laugh and joke about it, until they notice the merry-go-round behind them has started up. One of the Miscreants gets up to see what's going on, and is intercepted by an angry knife-wielding Vishal. Vishal buries the blade in the Miscreant's chest. We cut back to the group, who look up in horror to see Miscreant #1's bloody corpse riding by on one of the horses.

The men leap to their feet and panic, all running off in different directions. One finds himself near a ride with lots of cars on a track. Yet again the ride activates, and Miscreant #2 is distracted by the sudden movement. When his back is turned, Vishal approaches him and slashes his throat.

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