Really there is no better way to tell the tale of someone's tragic past than through song! The screen fades out, then brings us back in to the opening strains of "Na Gajere Singaar," our first musical number! We see a younger Vishal traipsing through the park with a lovely young lady. She's sporting a mangalsutra and gestures with it a few times in his direction, so I feel it is safe to assume that this is his wife.

Not a whole lot happens in this song. It's your standard issue "I am in love with you and I would like to tell you about it" kind of thing. When they're done frolicking, we get back to the day-to-day, still in the flashback. Another as of yet unidentified young woman comes into the living room of a very nice house, and announces to the room that she's ready to go. We see Priya wearing a more traditional outfit, and she complains that her youngster's choice in wardrobe leaves too little to the imagination.

Vishal is dragged into the argument, and says that he can't be caught in the middle between his wife and his sister-in-law, so they just drop the topic and dash out of the door, leaving Priya behind to look annoyed. Vishal drops Rita (I caught her name) off at college where she is met by her friend Tony. The two of them hurry off to class, but must pass through a group of young men that are lingering in the doorway. They try to strike up a conversation with Rita, but she brushes past them without so much as a glance.

The men are frustrated with Rita's lack of interest, and are having "sleepless nights" due to her ravishing beauty. One of them says that he will make sure that they all get a chance with her the following evening at his birthday party. When pressed for the plan, another of the group says that by manipulating Tony, they'll get what they want. They all laugh in a lusty fashion and many manly hand slaps and grabs are shared. You know what I mean.

Cut to the party. We see the revelers are all cutting a rug on the fancy dance floor (it looks like we've rented out a disco for the event) and much merriment is had by all. Rita and Tony make their entrance, which is spotted by the Four Miscreants. They leer at the lovely Rita as Tony leads her over to them. He makes some cursory introductions, and points out the guest of honor among them. The birthday boy requests a dance with Rita, who somewhat reluctantly agrees.

Once they're out on the dance floor, Birthday Boy begins staring at Rita's chest while some other dirty deeds are taking place back at the bar. The other Miscreants tell Tony that he's added life to the party by bringing Rita, but all Tony's concerned about is an agreement that has apparently been made off-camera. The guys know what he's after, and hand him a small packet of white powder. They point him to a back room so he can snort his illicit prize.

Meanwhile we see the Miscreants putting an alarming amount of some more white powder into a glass with some other unnamed liquid. One of them cautions not to add too much, but they say this is the only way Rita will let them touch her. They add a couple of pills to make sure they've got enough, then Birthday Boy brings Rita over to them. They tell her to drink the beverage, which she does after she gets assurances that it's not alcoholic. As she imbibes the drink, the men each get a close-up showing their ill intentions plainly on their faces.

We cut back and forth to Tony cramming his face full of cocaine and the Miscreants making advances on the now doped-up Rita. She looks to be a little woozy at first, then she she loosens up and seems to really enjoy herself, dancing with wild abandon and not really noticing what's going on around her.

While Rita is more or less oblivious to anything but her own grooving, the Miscreants steer her across the dance floor to a private area of the club. They get her into the room, and lock the door behind them. They hand her yet another drink (which I feel is safe to assume is also spiked with Mystery Powder) and she guzzles it down. Tony is nowhere to be seen, as he's coked out of his mind in the other room.

Rita continues dancing away, until she notices each of the men dramatically whipping off their jackets and over shirts in a semi-macho fashion. Despite her drugged up state, she still has enough of her wits about her to realize that she's in trouble, and she tries to get away.

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