This lair ends up being a large workshop looking building that is mostly empty, save for a few tables and other sparsely adorned work benches. Roma does a good job of putting up a fight, throwing sawdust into the eyes of Burly Man and giving him a run for his money. Word soon spreads that there is an incident going down, and the windows and doors fill with other inmates, keen on watching the action.

Burly Man finally gets a good hold on Roma, and with the help of two others pins her to a table. After one last echoing "nay!" the double doors at the end of the building are flung open. A several million candlepower spotlight must be placed just above the door frame, as a muscular man is silhouetted in the opening despite it being mid-morning. This dramatic entrance is enough to distract the men, and Roma takes her chance to bolt from the table.

We get a good look at our benefactor, and see that it's our new friend Vishal. Roman passes him, and pauses to look at her savior. Vishal gestures for her to move behind him, and he picks up a bucket of lumpy whitewash. With a show of determination, he pours the whitewash out in a line across the room, separating Burly Man from Roma.

Burly Man informs Vishal that a little white line on the ground isn't going to keep him from taking what he wants, so Vishal decides that it's time for more direct action. He launches himself into the air at Burly Man, and initiates a rather well-done kung-fu fight with damn near everyone in the room. This is all set to the tune of The Terminator theme again, only with a toe-tapping programmed drum line thrown into the mix.

After a few minutes of kicking everyone's ass, it's down to just Burly Man and Vishal. Vishal applies what will become a signature fighting move, involving lots of elbows to the head. Burly Man is ultimately vanquished, and hurled from the workshop building onto the muddy ground outside.

The prison guards have finally showed up (as well as Roma's dad) and all point their guns are Burly Man. Roma runs to her father's arms, and gazes gratefully back at Vishal for saving her. Having little else to say at that point, we just end the scene.

The next day we find Vishal working in the lumber mill at the jail. He pushes some gigantic logs through a saw, making sure we all see that the guy is seriously ripped. Roma approaches him, and comments on how he had such a fire in his eyes during the big fight. Vishal doesn't respond to her. Undaunted, she pushes onward. Roma says that she read over Vishal's criminal record last night, and can't believe that he is doing time for murder. She tells him that she thinks he took the rap for someone else, or that there was some other kind of misunderstanding.

Vishal does reply to this, and tells her that for the record, he didn't just kill one person - he's killed four of them, and is quite comfortable with that fact as well as his current situation. This leads to a little montage of Vishal performing various tasks around the jail as Roma hounds him with questions. She asks him what could have possibly driven him to commit such a crime. Vishal asks her what good will knowing his personal history be to her? She says that she is a journalist, and she can make sure that his story gets out to the public, but he accuses her of exploiting his story to make a name for herself. He tells her for what he hopes is the final time that he doesn't want to revisit his past, and walks away.

The next day, we see that he's underestimated Roma's resolve, as he is taken from his cell to meet with her. He wants to know why she won't leave him alone, but she tells him that through saving her chastity the other day, she has formed a bond of friendship with him and merely wants to share his pain to help him. She tells him that she's going back to Bombay later that day, and starts to walk off. Vishal softens, and agrees to tell her what happened to him.

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