With the good advice, "Love life, hate drugs," we start our movie. A prison transport van is shown arriving at a jail's main gate as the theme from The Terminator plays loudly at us. A burly man in chains is ushered into the building, and is led past a large number of cells before finally arriving at his assigned quarters.

Burly Man is thrown violently into the cell, and he bounces off the back wall. One of the guards goes into the cell to remove Burly Man's handcuffs, during which Burly Man strikes up a conversation. He chastises the guard for treating him so roughly, and asks if he's familiar with the criminal record of the man he's shoving around.

The guard says nothing, and finishes removing the bindings. Burly Man capitalizes on this newfound freedom of his wrists, and grabs the guard by his lapels. With a lively head-butt, he launches the guard across the cell and into the arms of the rest of the guards. Those additional guards have apparently studied at the same academy as all of Bruce Lee's enemies, as they enter the cell one at a time, and stand there as they get their heads punched by the now very excited Burly Man.

Finally more than one guard gets into the cell (four of them!) and they all draw their pistols. Burly Man sees that the dynamics of the room have changed, and stops fighting. The head jailer comes into the cell and lands a vigorous slap on Burly Man's face, and orders him to "not cross his limits." Burly Man takes on an air of over-politeness, and apologizes for causing them any trouble. As the guards leave the cell, Burly Man warns the jailer that he'll pay for that slap, then stares at the camera with some really impressive Crazy Googly Eyes. Having brought in his latest guest, it's time for the jailer to get some plot. He goes to his office where he has a phone call waiting for him.

He picks up the receiver to find his boisterous and headstrong daughter on the line. He tries to make some pleasant small-talk, but she's all business. She tells him that she's in town, and she's coming to see him at work today. Jailer happily agrees to meet with her, and heads off to do just that.

We join the father and daughter at a small picnic table in what I assume is his back yard. They get down to business after some familiar tomfoolery, and Roma explains what brings her to town. She was thinking of paying her father a visit, and she got an idea that would get her there for a seemingly work-related purpose. She says that her father's prison is the oldest in India. She talked to her superiors about writing an article on prisons from the British era, and their present conditions. He agreed that it would be a good idea, and sent her along.

Her father comments on her shrewdness in arranging a family trip within her work, and says that he will show her around the jail the following day. Wasting no time in the editing department, we cut to the next day. Roma shows up outside of the prison and meets with one of the guards (Mr. Sharma, if anyone is clamoring for that level of detail!) who tells her they will be starting the tour in the kitchen.

They make their way through the facilities, and Roma comments that the prisoners seem to be getting some good food. Sharma describes the details, but we're more interested in what's going on behind them. We see two inmates taking notice of Roma, one of whom is the Burly Man we saw just a few moments ago. The non-Burly Man prisoner tells Burly Man that this lovely young lady touring their jail is the head jailer's daughter. This news is of great interest to Burly Man, and a plan is quickly formed in his deviant criminal mind.

As Roma and Sharma check out the large oven for making roti, non-Burly prisoner quietly approaches from behind and cracks Sharma over the head with a large wooden peel. The tool shatters, and Sharma is knocked out. Burly Man scoops up Roma and carries her off to his nefarious den of iniquities.

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