Agni Sakshi  (1998)

Parto Ghosh - Director / Nadeem Shravan - Music

Sameer - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 25 minutes

Own it!

Okay, so I realize that these movies are priced to sell, and I get a ton of them at once. It's tough to decide which one to watch next! When all else fails, pick the one with Manisha on the cover. That brings us to the subject of this recap - Agni Sakshi.

This one looked a little serious, since there was also a sweaty man with a gun on the cover along with Manisha. I proceeded with caution. One should note this movie is actually pretty heavy most of the time, and there aren't very many songs in it. Notice how that affects the overall running time! I believe 2:25 makes this the shortest movie I've covered so far.

I need to get this out in the open right off the bat - this movie makes me mad every time I watch it. This is a testimonial primarily to the acting ability of Nana Patekar, as well as how Manisha plays against him. To this day, I've never despised a movie character as much as Vishwanath. When we get to the scenes that piss me off, I think you'll understand why. Again, I'm saying this as a compliment - Nana Patekar does an outstanding job of making you hate him.

Let's see, who makes return appearances in this one... of course there is the aforementioned Manisha Koirala. Unless this is the first review of mine you've read, you should already be well aware of this actress. Also appearing in this one is Jackie Shroff, making his second and far from final appearance on this site. Looks like the rest are newcomers, so let's get to them.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Suraj Kapoor (Jackie Shroff) - Important business guy. He's having problems finding the right girl to marry. More power to you, brother.
Shivangi (Manisha Koirala) - The singer/dancer Suraj finally picks to marry. She's got a troubled past though, so watch out.
Ravi Kapoor (Ravi Behl) - Suraj's younger brother. He knows the gal he wants to marry, but can't until Suraj is hitched.
Ulmi (Divya Datta) - Headstrong young lady that wants to marry Ravi but is getting tired of waiting. Shivangi's cousin.
Vishwanath (Nana Patekar) - He comes forward with news about Shivangi's past, but what's he really about? Hmmm...
Mr. Kapoor - Owner of the Kapoor Industries Group, making him an affluent member of society. He's anxious to see Suraj married and settled.
Mrs. Kapoor - She's about the same as Dad, only she wears a dress.
Madhu's Dad (Alok Nath) - He means well, but has some odd ideas. Who's Madhu you ask? All will be explained.
Alex - Vishwanath's dog.


Don't let the short list fool you. There's a lot going on in this one!

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